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PROMO PACKAGE - listing fee equivalent of 1,500€ to be paid in any DECENOMY coin
Listing includes: Birake Network Listing , TRTT explorer listing, VaultWatch listing

Ex: telegram: @yourusername, discord: @username(id), others where we can contact you.
Ex: Git Hub Repository

Benefits for coins to list on Birake

  • Your coin will be listed on multiple exchanges with the same initial price.
  • Your coin will benefit from big marketing campaigns, a new coin will be announced on the community of each exchange within the network.
  • Being on an exchange network, the coin will have clear exposure on all markets: Europe, Asia, USA, Russia, Korea etc.
  • Because Birake is an exchange network which uses a central database, your coin can be visible to a big amount of investors and traders.
  • Your coin trading volume will be multiplied, because it will be listed to more than one exchange at once.
  • Birake network will cumulate volumes from all its exchanges, which results a much higher volume than trading on one single exchange.
  • Only one time KYC for all the exchanges in the network.